Five Ways to Make Sure Your Title 24 Acceptance Test Goes Smoothly!

Know the requirements!

Throughout the process (all the way from design…to installation and implementation) check that your project is conforming to Title 24 standards for the Title 24 Acceptance Test. We created an easy to read reference guide that will make the process much less stressful.

Ensure your system is operational at testing time.

Just like when you had a final exam at school, don’t (metaphorically) sleep through it! Make sure before the Title 24 Acceptance Technician shows up, all systems and devices are powered up and working correctly. Not only does it make the job easier for everyone involved; it will get done much faster!

Utilize appropriate lighting controls and fixtures that conform to Title 24 standards.

Throughout the process, but most importantly during the planning stages, make sure that the project you’re working on has blueprints that include lighting systems that will conform to Title 24. Making sure that fixtures have multilevel dimming, occupancy sensors are installed, and everything is programmed correctly will drastically cut back on unnecessary costs later in the process.

Double check programming of devices!

Prior to your Title 24 Acceptance Test (usually the day before or day of), make sure that you’ve done a walkthrough and that all aspects of your advanced lighting control system are working properly (occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, dimmable fixtures, etc.) A crucial step that you’ll be glad you did!

Have your electrician on site!

We know not everything works 100% of the time! So if there’s a little fix that will ensure compliancy, having an electrician on site during the Title 24 Acceptance Testing will streamline the process in case of minor adjustments.  With these five tips, your Title 24 Acceptance Test is sure to go smoothly!

Stay tuned for our blog as next week, we’ll be highlighting the BIGGEST changes coming up in 2017 for Title 24!