Specializing in energy efficient lighting technologies and Title 24 lighting controls acceptance testing, we are an all-encompassing resource for the design, implementation and commissioning of your advanced lighting control system.

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Title 24

Requirements for lighting
controls are the biggest change to Title 24.

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What is Title 24

Created in 1978 by the California Building Standards Commission in response to a legislative mandate to reduce California's energy consumption. Title 24 utilizes energy efficiency technologies to provide California with an adequate, reasonably priced, environmentally sound supply of energy.

What's new in Title 24

The 2013 standards which took effect on July 1st, 2014, are estimated to increase the energy efficiency of commercial buildings by 30%. This is achieved through the use of more comprehensive lighting controls and the requirement for acceptance testing to ensure lighting systems are operating properly.

What is acceptance testing?

Acceptance Testing is one part of a multi-stage compliance program. The tests are conducted by certified Lighting Control Acceptance Test Technicians to verify the Title 24 installation requirements are met and the installed equipment and lighting systems operate properly.


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Five Ways to Make Sure Your Title 24 Acceptance Test Goes Smoothly!

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3 Reasons To Use CalEnergy Electrical Corporation For Your Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing can be a very complex and time consuming process, here are 3 reasons why it pays to use a 3rd party for your projects. Efficiency – We…



I have used CalEnergy on many occasions in the past on various types of projects
and have found them to be very conscientious and thorough in their work with unsurpassed attention to detail
and knowledge of their trade. I happily recommend them to all my clients and fellow contractors as a trustworthy and sensibly priced lighting controls & Title 24 consultation company
that gets the job done. A rare breed in today’s market place.

Jay Nieman Preconstruction Manager Collins Electrical Company, Inc.

Paganini Electric has been installing lighting control systems for many years.
Recently we had the opportunity to work with CalEnergy on a large Wattstopper DLM installation in San Francisco. CalEnergy provided a level of startup service we have not experienced in any of our
previous projects. There was a real commitment to work together to achieve a complete operating system for our customer. The communication with our staff was excellent. The extra effort and being available beyond normal working hours to insure our success on the project was invaluable.
I look forward to working with their team on future projects.

Ron Baxter Project Manager Paganini Electric Corporation

When you specifically talk about CalEnergy Corporation, you are speaking about dependability and integrity. This company has helped us on a few different projects, during the bid process and on actual jobs
that we have been awarded. From a personal stand point we really appreciate the knowledge that they carry with Title 24 compliance for Electrical projects. They are able to consult on design builds,
provide a Bill of Material for both value engineering and design builds and help when
all you need is a 3 rd party compliance technician. These are just some of
the features that we have used with there company and have found there pricing reasonable and
their availability wonderful.

Jacob Brahmst Vice President Niles Electric Company

Lighting Control System Consultation and Title 24 Acceptance Testing

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