Lighting Controls Commissioning or Acceptance Testing?

“What’s the difference between Advanced Lighting Controls Commissioning and Advanced Lighting Controls Acceptance Testing?”

As we’re still in the infancy stage of Title 24 Acceptance Testing for Advanced Lighting Controls, we’re often posed with that question.

To explain, we’ll go over the chronological order from inception to completion.  First, a system will be designed and a lighting controls package will be put together which usually includes the services for advanced lighting controls commission provided by the manufacturer.

Once all of the advanced lighting controls and components of the system have been properly installed, the electrical contractor will the submit a start-up request to have a technician perform the advanced lighting controls commissioning!

Advanced lighting controls systems are extremely malleable and may be used to achieve a multitude of desired effects far beyond what California’s Title 24 mandates.

Commissioning involves an advanced lighting controls field technician coming to the site, fully programming and testing the entire lighting control system to ensure functionality and operation within the design intent.

Today’s lighting controls commissioning agents need to be very versed in Title 24. Devices they could expect to find on the majority of systems can include but are not limited to: Occupancy Sensors, Daylight Harvesting Sensors, dimmer/scene Switches, Plug Load Controllers, Demand Response Systems, Lighting control panels, architectural dimming panels, and bacnet integration through segment managers.  As all projects are different, not all of these devices may be present on every project. Once the advanced lighting controls commissioning has been completed, it’s time for your lighting controls acceptance testing!  

Your acceptance technician will be ensuring functionality of all advanced lighting control devices. 

During an acceptance test, your certified CALCTP-AT (Acceptance Technician) will ensure that the project is Title 24 compliant.  To do so, your acceptance technician will be checking for multi-level lighting/area switching, daylight harvesting, automatic shut-off controls, demand response, and other requirements as shown on NRCC Title 24 code compliance forms and approved set of electrical plans.  

In short the advanced lighting control technician will be performing: Plan review, Construction Inspection, and Functional Testing to ensure Title 24 compliance. The acceptance technician upon a successful completion will then supply the required acceptance certificates needed to pass your electrical final!

We hope this helps delineate the very important differences between commissioning and acceptance testing.  Both are not just critical, but mandatory to ensure your project and Title 24 success! If you have any further questions, call us at 925-922-2606.